I will be using this blog to share my writing and photography with a little side of randomness here and there.

Here’s a little about me: I live in an tiny town that no one has ever heard of and graduated Magna Cum Laude from the University of Rhode Island. (Bachelors in English- December 2016).I can often be found in the park with a notebook, a dog, and my camera. Nature is my best friend.

I am currently in the process of trying to save a local park with the help of my amazing community.

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I used today to motivate myself a little. I enjoyed a hike in the woods near my house and enjoyed the silence. It has been too long since I’ve gone on a walk that lasted longer than half an hour. And I was entirely alone despite the warnings I tend to get from people about hiking alone. (Yes, I have pepper spray and carry my keys like a weapon when I think there are unsettling things around). While walking I thought about stories and the future that I want. I start a new job on the 7th which is hopefully a stepping stone for the rest of everything else. 

I will of course be writing still and I hope 2019 is my most productive year yet. 

Work, Work, Work

Hi everyone! I am super happy to announce that my short story “Not a Love Story” has been accepted for publication in Emerging Writers: An Anthology of Fiction and that I will also have poetry in The Poets of New England Anthology.

You can pre-order Emerging Writers: An Anthology of Fiction on October 8th by clicking here

Also be sure to stop by my Facebook page to see what else is new (like poetry!)

Tuesday Times

I happily spent a large amount of time today writing. Happy Tuesday to me.
Here’s a snippet from today:

“She was perfect, he thought. Beautiful with a laugh that brought him back to his childhood. She had worked hard her whole life; gaining two doctorates in Psychology and Law despite being told it would never happen. She was well-rounded, capable of discussing trends in the stock market, but also commenting on the terrible pass in the last game. 
So, there had to be a catch, he thought to himself, staring out the window at the looming mansion that she claimed as her own.
In his hand he held a list of names: the deceased husbands.

He supposed that was the catch.”
-K. Thornley

Between notes and leaves,
Hidden words
With lengthy meaning,
Better learned when heard
In fingertip melody.
-K. Thornley
Music has influenced poems, stories, and complete novels. It touches upon all aspects of our lives and does even more than inspire. It is a tool used to recall moments in our life, from big to small, moments that at the time of occurrence we may not have cared about all that much. From simple moments on the school bus to sitting at graduation music plays a role. Simple melodies can bring forth exact replays of conversations in a slowly moving car on a back road or remind you of the moment your best friend became your best friend.
Carrie Underwood’s album “Story Teller” has been a huge influence for some of my stories (and a novel).
(Also, this may or may not be just about music. You decide).
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“Tentative vocals
With a burning opinion
Met by gunfire
Despite affectionate face,
A laugh and eye roll
To shoot down thought.
Equality spoke of
In the imagination,
Shown in public mask
To mother and aunt.
Forgotten in practice.”
-K. Thornley

There are words and there are actions. If we say one thing, but our actions prove that we don’t actually feel this way our words mean nothing.

You can’t support change, but also hold onto the belief that women are to be seen and not heard.

You can’t encourage improvement if you think your wife’s/girlfriend’s biggest accomplishment is a toned body.

Moody Monday: Endings


The end of a fairy tale

Brings about a bittersweet taste,

A remembrance of something that was

And can no longer be,

A question of what to come next,

And a return to the normal,

While the mind still wanders

To clouds and the abstract.

-K. Thornley 

Hey, hey, It’s Moody Monday

“Don’t search for faults,
Focus on strengths
And the innocence
Of Summer Nights.”

-K. Thornley


The image was taken at Beach Pond in Rhode Island. No edit done (only words added)

Room mates

You were upset when the tears stopped

Thinking my silence meant I didn’t need you

But I had just learned to live with myself.

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